The Seattle Kollel


Our Vision:


To be an excellent, community-focused organization, dedicated to continuous Torah education in Seattle, which attracts, welcomes, and inspires every Jewish person to continually increase his or her knowledge of Torah, thereby enhancing Jewish life and strengthening Jewish continuity throughout the Pacific Northwest.



Our Mission:

is to serve two distinct groups:


(1) Jewish individuals who live in the Pacific Northwest

(2) Jewish institutions and schools in the Pacific Northwest


We serve Jewish individuals who live in the Pacific Northwest by:


  1.  Working in a respectful and non-judgmental way, to encourage regular participation of individuals with Torah study resources in the community.
    Providing a wide range of Jewish educational opportunities to any Jewish person, young or old, from absolute beginner to advanced.  This is accomplished through a variety of classes and one-on-one study with Kollel faculty.


  2.    Establishing and staffing an evening community study hall (Beis Medrash) in the Seward Park area.

   3.  Supporting advanced Torah study in Seattle, thereby creating a valuable resource of       ongoing graduate level Torah scholarship.

We serve Jewish institutions and schools in the Pacific Northwest by:

  1.   Creating a synergistic relationship between the Kollel, Jewish institutions, and schools where the sum total of our collective efforts is greater than the individual parts.

  2.   Working together to develop creative and innovative educational approaches to increase interest in Torah study.

  3.   Identifying unmet Jewish educational needs in the community, and assisting Jewish institutions and schools in their efforts to meet those needs.

  4.  Helping to attract high caliber Jewish educators who will choose to relocate to Seattle and work in our schools.


Seattle Kollel  |  P: 206.722.8289   |  theseattlekollel@gmail.com  |  5303 52nd Avenue South , Seattle,  WA  98118

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