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Camp SEED Boys Week 1

Hello Parents & Campers,

We have had an amazing first week of Camp SEED! Davening, Learning, Playing, and more...

We welcomed 5 great Seed Bochrim from Ner Yisroel Yeshiva: Yehuda Steinberg, Yaakov Landsman, Avrumi Wax, Mordechai Wiener, and Shmuel Polen.

We have an incredible group of boys at camp this year! Everyone got into the learning right away, as well as the davening, led by the boys themselves.

We had wonderful weather all week and cooled off with great swimming at the Korn's Pool, and enjoyed some really fun competitive baseball games!

On Monday we learned how to sail! We went for a beautiful boat ride around lake Washington, and we got to jump in and swim.

On Thursday we had a phenomenal time at Enchanted Village amusement park! We took on the stomach churning rides - or the calmer bumper cars, each kid to their liking.

On Friday we played Indoor Gaga, then built our own giant Jenga set! Followed by an erev Shabbos ice cream party.

To see tons of great pictures of all our amazing activities & learning please follow this link:

Looking forward to another great week to come!

R' Aaron Steinfeld 206-769-5275

Seattle Kollel

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