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Camp SEED Boys Week 2

Dear Parents,

We've had another amazing Week at SEED!

It's been a week full of learning, playing, and having fun.

The boys have really been shteiging away with the SEED Boys, (ask your kids what they learned!)

On Monday, we had a great time kayaking, and some courageous kids on stand-up paddle boards on the lake in our first Kayaking session at Mt. Baker Rowing Center.

On Tuesday we went to the Auburn July 4th Festival, where we got to watch a really cool Trampoline Areal Show, we then go to go on unlimited rides! But the lines where so long we did not get to go on many rides but we still had a lot of fun rock climbing and of course getting a lot of free stuff!!

On Wednesday we got in a really action packed game of baseball followed by swimming.

On Thursday we did some very active, competitive, & incredibly fun games of Laser Tag at the EB parking lot filled with obstacles and tents, followed by slurpies.

We had some very heartfelt singing, roasting marshmallows and stories at our Thursday night kumzitz & bonfire with the SEED Counselors.

We ended off the week on Friday with capture the flag/basketball in the park and made cupcakes for our weekly ice cream party!

To see tons of pictures of all our amazing learning & activities please follow this link:

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