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Camp SEED Boys Week 4

Dear Parents,

What a wonderful week we had!

We are so sad to say good-bye to our great (first half) group of Seed Bochrim - Yehuda, Avrami, Mordy, Shmeez & Yaakov. We will miss them, but they would love that your sons stay in contact with them.

Here is their contact info:

Mordechai Steinberg 410-764-2142

Avrami Wax 443-473-5199

Mordy Wiener 443-301-2838

Shmuel Polen 443-642-1940

Yaakov Landsman 602-670-7548

And now for a recap of a great Week 4 at Camp SEED!

We started out the week with our big camp-out at Denny Creek! We had a large group campsite with lots of space to play sports, set up our tents, and have an endless campfire burning.

We hiked to Franklin Falls and attempted to swim in the freezing water, then got back to our camp site & had a delicious BBQ and smores. We had a great story time (no scary ones) and got to sing away the night! Everyone actually had a great night of sleep…zzzzz!

The next day we woke up to an early morning campfire to warm us up, followed by davening, breakfast, and a highly competitive game of capture the flag. We then walked down to Denny Creek and got to go swimming again and enjoy the water! These memories will last a lifetime.

On Wednesday we got in our last Swimming session before the 9 Days!

On Thursday we had tons of fun bowling. Everyone racked up those points and had strike after strike!

On Friday we played Gaga, made our own Sushi, and got to have a special Ice Cream Party!

Here are lots of pictures of this week’s learning & activities, and the overnight, please check them out and enjoy!

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