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Camp SEED Boys Week 3

Dear Parents, We've had another marvelous Week at camp SEED!

It's been a week full of energetic learning, playing, and having fun!

The learning has been amazing, the boys have really been shteiging away with their SEED counselors and learning a lot, and really starting every day off right!

On Monday we played baseball and went kayaking,

On Tuesday was Shiva asar B’tamuz. We spend the morning learning about the fast and the 3 weeks, after that we went the Filson Factory and toured how they make the best quality bags out there. Each kid got to engrave their name on a leather key chain.

On Wednesday we went to the Living Computer Museum where we toured the really cool and historic museum. After we had a hands on coding class designing our own Pacman game.

On Thursday we had a super time kayaking and canoeing on Lake Washington, the kids got to jump in the water and really enjoy themselves!

We topped off the week on Friday with some great swimming! and had our weekly ice cream party!

Here are lots of pictures of this week’s learning & activities, please check them out and enjoy!

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